Our Specialities

At Total Tile we specialize in custom-Built showers.  We take great pride in building you a shower that is both functional and completely unique. We design and install kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, baths, Wainscot and floors.  We also have access to a group of quality trade people from carpentry to plumbing so that your project can be completed from A to Z.

Curb Free Walk-in Showers

One level curbless | barrier free walk in showers.

Bathroom Floors

Beautiful tile flooring.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Glass, stone, ceramic, mosaic tiles!


Glazed clay tiles in all shapes, sizes and colors.


Spanish - "little skip", handmade Mexican style glazed and unglazed tiles.

Heated Flooring

The comfort your feet deserve, NUHeat flooring

Tub Areas

Tiled wall surrounding tub area.

Tile Wainscot

The lower 3-4' of an interior wall when finished differently from the remainder of the wall.


Beautiful place to stay warm in the winter and lovely to look at.


Low absorption hard tile, great for all areas.


Outer layer bark of the cork oak tree.

Moroccan Mosaic Tile

Antique looking handmade tile from Morocco by Mosaic House in New York.

Steam Showers

Bathing where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor around a person's body.

Kitchen Floors

Beautiful tile flooring.

Wood Like Porcelain Plank Tile

Looks so real, you'd think it was really wood.

Natural Stone

Granite, marble, slate and so many beautiful types of natural stone.

Terra-cotta Tiles

Handmade clay tiles, glazed and unglazed.

Stone Countertops

Cleaning, Resealing and Recaulking of Stone Countertops.